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Want to give potential customers, loyal customers or long-time business associates a small token to remember your company by? Why not give them a personalised lanyard, towel or tote bag? See our line of accessories and promotional products Dubai, UAE and the wider GCC for more ideas.

Work with Emirates Apparel as well for your personal purchases, personalised gifts or reselling business. We are an authorised distributor of leading brands such as Fruit of the Loon, so you’ll be sure to get good deals when you buy their shorts and boxers from our Accessories section. Have a look at our fine selection below!


We bring together everything in a single online portal to make your purchasing experience much easier. With our unique business platform, you can:

  • Get to choose from any of the international brands we have available.
  • Explore your options and browse through the amazing range of colours we have for our products.
  • Enjoy guaranteed quality. Our products are designed to remain as soft and comfortable as they were the day they were bought, even after several years.
  • Easily place your bulk orders in just one place; no need to go to our office, phone us, or email us your order.
  • Automatically get discounts on your bulk order purchases.
  • Enjoy next day delivery for any purchase, regardless of the amount ordered.