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Applique Embroidery

What Is Applique Embroidery?

Applique embroidery is basically material that is crated or stitched onto a base cloth. It can be made up of a whole range of materials, but because it is then placed onto a base cloth it is sturdy and well held together. When fabric designs are finished they are then embroidery stitched or adhered to the base in order to be completed.

The appliques themselves can be finished with all manner of accessories and add-ons to make them complete including ribbons, cords, beads and sequins. As these designs are placed onto an extra layer of fabric it helps to give them depth and strength.

Applique embroidery itself can be used in a whole range of ways and designs, so whatever you have in mind get in touch with us and we'll be happy to do what we can to help.

What Can It Be Used For?

We are able to use company logos, slogans, colours and other branding to create pieces of embroidery that can be used on company uniforms. Creating a brand that is consistent is essential when it comes to ensuring the success of a business and having branded uniforms is a big part of that. We're also able to help with creating school badges, name badges and much more.


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